Who gains?

Who gains
From the pain
Of never ending strife
In foreign fields
Where innocence and life
Have no value
On the balance sheet


It isn’t the oppressed in whose name we are sold the idea of war. Not the women who are denied education, not those whose lifestyle is forbidden by a prophet or a despot. No, these will continue to be the victims, despite regime changes.

The only beneficiaries of warmongery are the money makers, those whose profits soar in times of conflict. It’s not just the weapon makers, but a whole battalion of support industries, from electronics to metals, from rubber to avionics, even food and clothing. 


War is big business and that business is booming.

And in the aftermath the moguls of reconstruction and infrastructure make their killing.

 It is no wonder that the Hawks keep circling the corridors of power; and those who claim to represent us with their portfolios of investments, rub their hands with glee while feigning regret and solidarity for the lambs who will be slaughtered in the cross fire.