Smoke billows and dissipates above the pine trees
No breath of wind diverts the plumed ascent
Mountain backdrop impervious to transcendant haze
Imperturbable harmony reflected in a lake of glass
A shimmer of undulating ripples
Sky blue echoes in a bed of the grey green brown black pebbles
Lazy ducks meander and dive through crystal
Distant plane thrums bass
To avian chirp and chatter songs with cicada clicks and the passing buzz of flies
Driftless vapour merges into tranquility



Singing words, words, words, between the lines of age.

The haunting refrain of Neil Young‘s song inhabits my mind as I indulge in my latest escape. Online word games, playing with total strangers, discovering combinations of letters that score the most points. A long way from the Scrabble I enjoyed as a child, no cheating with dictionaries then; but now the whole World Wide Web is at my fingertips and words that I can scarcely believe are human turn out to be urban slang rather than Klingon. Where did ‘jol’ and ‘lez’ and ‘qis’ come from? Who cares? Judiciously placed on a triple letter or word square and 30 plus points are mine. I used to think it was all about using my mind and finding intelligent words, proud to show my erudition and education, but now it’s all strategy, filling little gaps and blocking my opponent and grabbing those double and triple thrills where I can.